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Pre-season preparation on Mallorca: The training camp was full of sunshine, intensive training sessions and lots of fun.


Breaking the wind, motor pacing, boys group.
The Pushbikers trainings camp

The first meeting of all athletes and their coaches, important preparation for the 2024 racing season. After twelve days on Mallorca, we can now truly say: Pushbikers Kick-Off!

The training camp on the Balearic island focussed on training, comparing performance and, for all Pushbikers, getting to know our new team bike and equipment. Many photos were taken that show the effort, but also the anticipation of the races and the friendship that characterises this team.

Mallorca is a place of longing for cyclists. Certainly also for the Pushbikers, but first and foremost the island provided perfect training conditions for pre-season preparation. As the first races were imminent, the focus was on intensive sessions, engine pacing, race simulation and fine-tuning certain processes such as leadouts. It was also an opportunity for the riders to test the material extensively and adjust it in some areas in consultation with team mechanic Sam.

“The training camp demanded a lot from us, no question about it,” says Max Benz-Kuch. “But I thought to myself every minute: it’s worth it. I am convinced that we have a very good team. Everyone knows about each other’s skills – we value each other.”


“The spirit in the group is enormous – and so the sessions felt very entertaining,” says newcomer Martin Meiler. The team camp gave everyone an insight into how they function as a group and where each rider has their strengths. “What I’m particularly pleased about as a newcomer is that we also get on really well outside of work, we still get together in the evenings and have fun. Now it’s up to the riders to get the season off to a good start and begin the year successfully.”

After returning from the training camp, the Pushbikers were guests at Maloja’s headquarters to discuss not only this season’s cycling clothing, but also the changes from 2023 to 2024 in an extensive feedback session and providing input. Straight after, the travel began to Slovenia for the first four one-day road races.


"There's real fire in the squad"
Max Benz-Kuch
"Team camp was really good in term of preparation for the incoming races: motopacing, intensity pace, race simulation all good for put some “pressure” on the legs and give the last sharpening to the shape. It was also good to get in touch again with all the mates, connect again the group and for me, as a leader, to see where I can work on. Some ideas came out, we had fun on bike and also out of the bike. I’m sure it will pay off"
Filippo Fortin
"It was great to head over to Mallorca for a good block of training with the boys. Morale was great also thanks to our new Argon 18 bikes. A mix between leadouts, motopacing and hard long efforts was a great way to prepare ourselves for the start of the season. Head down and on to the first goals of the season."
Felix Meo
"The Pushbikers Argon18 was voted the most beautiful bike on the island by other cyclists"
Wolfgang Brandl