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Love and live cycling, even at a young age? And how can tough competition be combined with a lot of fun? Our ideas for this are in the

In the spring of 2007, a cycling club was founded in Irschenberg, from which not only an elite team – today’s Maloja Pushbikers – emerged, but also the promotion of young talent was considered from the beginning. The RSV Irschenberg is one of the most successful clubs in Germany with its youth work on the road and track. The children and young people wear the same jerseys as the “big ones”, their name clarifies the goal: enjoyment of cycling, vision and sustainability.

And what's with the name?

We came across the term “Future Stars” in the British Revolution racing series. Here, junior races were part of the overall concept on the track, girls and boys from the age of 15 rode in the same team jersey with cycling stars such as Chris Hoy, Bradley Wiggins or Mark Cavendish. This inspired us and so the Maloja Pushbikers Future Stars project was born as a result of the club’s work. It shows the way: into the future.

The Project

“It is a particular concern of ours to promote and support young talent at an early age. To this end, we launched the Future Stars 2014 in the style of the “big” Pushbikers – a children’s and youth team that has grown strongly in recent years. This makes us proud and shows us again and again how important joy and fun, future and a perspective in cycling are”.

(Christian Grasmann)

Sustainability and success

“The focus is: fun in cycling. We promote young talent in all age groups and in different disciplines (road bike, MTB and track). This develops into competitive sports for many young people. The Maloja Pushbikers road team serves as a tangible, concrete role model – much closer than the stars on TV. This is incredibly motivating. And some riders, such as Laurin von Stetten, have already made the leap to the Maloja Pushbikers, or to other major professional teams. I would say that the Future Stars are a successful concept. ”

(Christian Lichtenberg)

Highlights and how to recognize the Future Stars

German Championships, European Championships, International Kids Tour and many race missions more … but also: bus parties, pool sessions at the races, carnival party at the training camp, deep snow games, cross country skiing and mountain walking in the dark.

On the bike you can easily recognize them: eye-catching jersey! In previous years, the look changed every year, like the big pushbikers. Camouflage, indigo blue, green forest – for the love of design also makes them part of the Pushbikers family.

Maloja Pushbikers Future Stars // I
nt. Kids Tour 2017

Christian Lichtenberg

Chef coach RSV Irschenberg

Christian Lichtenberg has been accompanying the Pushbikers concept for 10 years now, he has been there virtually from the beginning. First as a rider himself in the circle of Christian Grasmann, then more and more with the focus on the youth work of the RSV Irschenberg.

Christian is youth leader of the club, active in the cycling youth of the district of Upper Bavaria as well as an expert in women’s as well as men’s road cycling for Eurosport.

Our Coach

Anian, Bella, Beni, Claudia, Felix, Johannes, Lara, Ludwig, Richard, Simon – they are all united by two things: the love of cycling and the commitment to a common idea.

The Future Stars train in several age- and performance-dependent groups and always under the supervision of a coach. Some of them joined the club at a young age and remain committed to the concept, Claudia and Johannes look back on a professional career themselves. In sporting terms, but also in personal and social terms, they are indispensable for the boys and girls and likewise for the overall concept of the Pushbikers. Thank you so much for your dedication and the time you give us!

“I know cycling from long experience as a professional – our young athletes are just starting out. It’s especially important to me to help our young riders find a meaningful focus for their sport. Often that means less evaluation and more freedom in the actual cycling, less pre-race excitement, more focus on key parts, less pressure, more fun!”

(Claudia Lichtenberg)