Cycling inspires, motivates and enriches our lives
again and again.

Reason enough to share this emotion and make it even greater.

The Pushbikers are more than just a professional cycling team. We are a community, a group of like-minded people. With the pros at the top, our own young cycling talent in the club, and an ever-growing group of cycling enthusiasts who are part of it all.

In one way or another: as friends who have accompanied the team and its riders in races over the years. As partners who give us their attention. As autograph hunters. As a customer in our store and workshop. Or as a helper when there is a need. And most of all: as someone who rides a bike with us.

Ride to live

In the summer months we always offer our road bike rides on Thursday evenings. We meet at the Pushbikers store and ride together – the routes are always different, can also be adapted to the respective participants and are on average about 50 km. Here and there we also build in a break, more often combined with the opportunity to meet people from our network or special places.

For our Pushbikers & Friends rides, where we offer several groups with different route lengths, you can register via the Joinride platform. This way we can plan better and prepare the most amazing experience for you.

You can register HERE. The Maloja Pushbikers Joinride account is updated regularly. Partly we prepare our rides in cooperation with partners of the pro team.

Feel movement and dynamics.

The wind on the skin.

The humming of the wheels.

Get to know new paths.

Appreciate the landscape.

Exchanging ideas.

Make friends.

Regain the view for the essential.

Together instead of against each other.

The realization: everyone wins.

Cycling is not just
about riding a bike

For us, cycling doesn’t end the moment we get off the bike.

There are so many aspects to it. Technology and material, nutrition and training science, design and creativity, chance and humility, happiness and suffering. What are the fundamentals we’ve learned over 10 years as a cycling team? And what can cycling potentially or in our future imaginations achieve? We would like to get into conversation with you, discuss, listen and talk. To that end, we plan to hold regular public events and talks at the Pushbikers store.