A New Home

A lively place for cyclists
in a 100 year old farm house

We have been preparing the next big step since the beginning of the year. The Pushbikers move to the Oberkammerloh estate in Waakirchen. A special place, built in 1924 and used in different ways over the past 100 years. The Pushbikers move into the former cowshed. In this 400 square metre room with its listed wooden beams and columns, we are creating a place where not only we, but also our friends and visitors shall feel at home.

Breathing life into it

In summer 2019 we opened our very first Pushbikers Shop. Firstly in the small reception building from the 1950s of the Mercedes Schmid workshop in Holzkirchen. Many of you were there at the opening and know this original location well. When it became too small, we moved 500 metres down the road into the former workshop halls and offices of an oil and lubricant retailer. As we can’t stay there long-term, we started asking around. And we were very lucky to meet Leonhard Bendel, who is a passionate cyclist himself and took over the Oberkammerloh estate in Waakirchen from his father. We are looking for: a place where we feel at home. Leo was looking for a new tenant who would bring life and passion to the farm estates courtyard. We came to an agreement quickly.

Back in late summer, we worked with Ziggy Sebek, who knows the Oberkammerloh estate well as an architect, on a design that had to bring a lot of things together: An open room for our Argon 18 bikes, racing clothing, helmets and accessories. But also seperated workspaces for the employees and our two mechanics as well as the opportunity to invite the Pushbikers community and the entire network. A good kitchen with lounge area and coffee bar. A sufficient store room for our racing team. Not an easy task, you can look forward to it. Even though there is still a lot of work to be done, we are looking forward to welcoming our friends & families, partners & community & Future Stars and all cycling fans to the new Pushbikers premises in June.

Our Thank you

You are impatient and actually have no idea until it finally starts. From January onwards, it was a case of tackling, clearing up and preparing. Since February, the walls are being built, cables and pipes are winding their way through the space, the sanitary facilities and the office, workshop and meeting rooms are taking shape. More and more is coming together and allows us to look forward to spring.

Our thanks go to the guys on the construction site, who do their best and sometimes spontaneously have to go along with a change of plan. Ziggy Sebek and his team, who have given their imagination to the Pushbikers project and coordinate the processes. To our friends and hard-working helpers Dominik, Hans, Frank, Yorda and Rene. Last but not least, thank you to the three companies that provide material support for the Pushbikers Oberkammerloh project and make many things possible for us. THANK YOU!

Our craftsmen

Lijsen Gebäudetechnik/ Lenggries (Heating and plumbing)

Florian Seppi / Bad Wiessee (Construction)

Elektro Weinl / Schechen (Electrics)

Josef Würzhuber / Wattersdorf (Painter)

Our creative mind & supporters

Aloha Innenarchitektur / Schaftlach (Design and construction planning)

Bora and Werkhaus / Kitchen

Joka / Doors

Stang / Building Materials