Gold for Bertazzo & the Azzurri in Cali

Another gold medal: at the World Cup in Cali, Pushbiker Liam Bertazzo wins the 4000 m team pursuit with his Italian teammates. Congratulations, Liam!

Tissot Nations Cup Cali

World Cup
in Cali/ Columbia

” At the third staging of the Tissot Nations Cup (World Cup) in Cali/ Colombia) the Italian men’s quartet triumphed in the team pursuit. With a time of 3:55.081, push biker Liam Bertazzo and his teammates Jonathan Milan, Francesco Lamon and Michele Scartezzini beat the Chinese foursome in the final (3:57.810).

The line-up of Olympic and world champions had travelled to Colombia without star rider Filippo Ganna, but Jonathan Milan returned after a break. But even without Ganna, the Italian foursome set new standards on the track in Cali, which national coach Marco Villa also emphasised: “I would say we did well. This is not the first time we have raced on this track. Already in the pre-Olympic period, many athletes competed here, and yet our quartet managed to set the track record that night. That’s a sign that they were going very fast.”

And what’s next for Liam and the Italian quartet? ” Now we are looking forward to the next commitments, especially the World Championships in St. Quentin, France, and the European Championships in Munich,” Villa said. On 11. and 12. of August, the qualification as well as the decision in the 4000 m team pursuit will take place at the Munich exhibition hall. We will keep our fingers crossed and support Liam as loudly as possible on site at the velodrome.

More information about the final of the team pursuit at the European Championships in Munich can be found HERE .

“Cali was an important stage for us in the run-up to the European Championships. We rode a very good time considering that the track is open. To have Jonathan Milan back in the group of four was very nice, he is back in the race after his health problems.

Cali is a very beautiful city and the Colombian people just manage to evoke unique emotions with their cheering. To win here, with their cheers and the world champion’s jersey, was an extraordinary feeling for me.” To win here, with their cheers and the world champion jersey, was an extraordinary feeling for me.”



— Martin Erd


— SWpix
Sports Photography Agency