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    LKT Team Brandenburg, KED Stevens Radteam Berlin

“Ick freu ma och” is what you sometimes hear in Philip Weber’s slang. He is a Berliner, a communicative guy who loves to talk. He got into cycling at the age of five through a local newspaper ad (“we were looking for something new for me, because the ball was my biggest fear in football”), then immediately rode his first beginner’s bike race. From the seventh grade onwards, Philip went through all the stages of the Brandenburg sports school system: first at the Frankfurt/Oder sports school, then at the Cottbus Olympic base, then the jump to the LKT Team Brandenburg, where he was active on both the road and the track.

What he appreciates about cycling is that he has already been able to travel to China, America and almost everywhere in Europe and get to know people and cultures in all these countries – and share special experiences with special people. Since 2019, he has been studying International Management in Ansbach, Bavaria. And he also has a little spleen: before the race, he always puts on his left sock first.

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