Felix Meo

A New Zealander in Italy

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    Crema / Italien

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    Team Vorarlberg, Team Colpack

Felix says about himself that he has a very high work ethic, which enables him to contribute a lot in races. And so he also considers it a personal success to have contributed to a number of victories of team leaders he has raced for in recent years. What he loves most about cycling is that it’s like a kind of meditation and you clear your head – and Felix loves to suffer. To train, he spends a lot of time in Girona, his favourite track: Sant Hilari, the sunny side.

In 2022 he found a new passion for himself: gravel racing. And not only did he race in the New Zealand national jersey at the first UCI Gravel World Championships in Veneto, Italy, but he also left all the German starters behind him with 25th place in the elite category, for example.

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