The Wiawis WAWS Disc.

Filippo Fortin won the first stage of the UCI 2.1 Belgrade Banja Luka Tour on this bike. It is completely trimmed for racing – but is based one-to-one on the series frame from Wiawis.

So what makes the WAWS frame Filippo’s winning bike?
He rides this model because he has a strong start. The WAWS frame is very stable in the bottom bracket area and in the head tube area, offers a balanced riding feel and is gentle on forces because of the damping properties in the rear triangle. The brake line is not on the inside so that it is easier to replace elements in the event of a crash or defect.

Filippo’s position on the bike is unusual: the cant is 16.6 cm between the saddle and the handlebars. Overall, the bike is designed for speed for Filippo as a sprinter. At the same time, it is not super light, but rather offers him the opportunity to sit on it aerodynamically. More details on the components that make the difference on Pippo’s Wiawis WAWS can be found in the list below.


Filippo Fortin

“My bike has to be fast, stiff and responsive. I don’t pay attention to the weight, but much more to the stiffness of the frame and the aerodynamics of the frame itself. What I like about the Wiawis WAWS is that it’s fast, stiff and responsive, but at the same time it rides well uphill because it’s not very heavy. And above all, that once you reach a high speed, you don’t lose it so quickly again!

We adapted my bike specifically to me, for example in the saddle height, length, the negative stem for a lower position. Then I have an aerodynamic and narrow handlebar and a long gear ratio (53×10) for fast sprints! But from my point of view, anyone can ride the WAWS, from Sunday riders to professional riders.

I myself am an absolute bike lover. Sometimes I spend two hours in the garage just to make my bike as shiny as possible.”

Pippos Bike I The “ingredients”

Wiawis WAWS-G DISC L frame, Custom Paint
DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT wheels, 60 mm
FSA Metron handlebar 4D Flat 40 mm
FSA “negative” -17 degree stem SLK 3D Forced Alloy
FSA Powerbox Carbon ABS crank -17.2 mm (53/39)
Sram AXS Red shifting group, electronic
Sram Red cassette, 10/33
Sram red brakes, 160 mm brake discs
612 R saddle SQLab
712 handlebar tape SQLab
Schwalbe Tubeless One Pro tyres, max. 4.8 bar air, tyre width 28

The Wiawis WAWS and also the Wiawis Radical frame can be viewed, tested and customised in our Pushbikers Shop. Whether it’s “trimmed for racing” or suitable for a weekend ride – let us know and we’ll get creative with you.