Welcome to our new space!

One passion. Two Pushbikers Places

Sometimes you need a place to meet like-minded people. That was the basic idea in 2019 when we set up a Pushbikers shop that was meant to be more than just an office or storage space. A place of belonging where you can feel at home, a meeting point for all “Radlnarrischen”.

Almost three crazy years later, the Pushbikers shop was threatening to burst at the seams – shop, café, workshop and office of the UCI Continental Team, all wanted to get a bit more space. We were lucky, as we have been many times in the development of this team.

Now we can introduce you to our new home base, which henceforth consists of two rooms that are right next to each other, both bearing our signature, and yet each playing its own role functionally.

One passion – two places. To just talk about cycling, to screw, to have fun or to philosophise about life.

Step 1. Before & renovation

We visit – and quickly know: this building from the 1960s will involve quite a bit of work. But it is only a few hundred metres away from our existing shop. If you turn off to the side of the railway track, you pass a narrow green strip with numerous chickens and a rooster that likes to run excitedly alongside pedestrians. A first friend and ally. And the flat house with the large workshop doors – used for decades by the Schimpfhauser and Dengler company for trading heating oil, diesel, lubricants and later natural gas as well as electricity – has a lot of open space around it. An exceptional situation in the centre of Holzkirchen.
In many ways, history also confronts us here: of a company, of workers, of fuel, oil, mobility and its change. This also fascinated us – especially in this day and age. Step by step we clear out and in, find details, tear down walls, remove cables and ceiling panelling, paint and clean up.

Step 2. We move in

At first glance, the new premises are all about wheels, wheels, wheels. For this we have set up a large workshop, flooded with light and the faint smell of lubricants that still lingers in the walls. “No smoking, no fires and no naked lights” says the sign from the old days. This is where our team bikes are screwed, but also very individual customer requests. Waldemar has just joined us, and the team mechanics Urban and Frank have already been working here before the season starts. “This is almost my favourite place to be,” admits team boss Christian Grasmann with a smile, who has actually got his new office next door. On the other side of the building are two showrooms for bikes and bike components as well as a large meeting table.
Not everything is ready yet, but it is “set up”. A place to go for all those who want to call a very special bike their own. There is now office space for our organisational team behind the Pushbikers team and even a shower for those who come by bike straight away. In summer we would like to be able to welcome you outside – but we are not quite there yet. For now, the opening hours can be found at the bottom of this article, so come and see us.

Staus Quo. Our established shop remains open

We have already redesigned our Pushbikers shop at the familiar location in December. The big old Gaggia coffee machine has found a new place under the colourful Perutz Color ceiling light of a former photo shop. Less bikes, more space to drink coffee and for our cycling clothes, accessories, water bottles, helmets and so on. From Wednesday to Saturday you can visit us here and get advice from Yorda, especially in the area of textile clothing.
Maloja Pushbikers Shop I Rosenheimer Str. 27 I 83607 Holzkirchen

Telefon: 08024 – 7736

Opening hours: Thursday 14 – 19 Uhr I Friday 9 – 12 und 14 – 19 Uhr I Saturday 09 – 15 Uhr

Maloja Pushbikers Büro & Bike Shop I Victor Kaluza Str. 7 I 83607 Holzkirchen

Opening hours: Wednesday 14 – 18 Uhr I Thursday 14 – 19 Uhr I Friday 9 – 12 und 14 – 19 Uhr I Saturday 09 – 15 Uhr

Photos |  Urs Golling I Pushbikers