Team Road

Tobias Hornstein

Place of residence: München
Age: 20
Height: 1,93 m
Fahrer-Typ: Zeitfahren
Rider type: 2019 Team Auto Eder Bayern, since 2020 Maloja Pushbikers

How and when did you get into cycling?

My dad used to travel all over Europe and the Near East on his racing bike. When I was nine, I got my first racing bike and then it took another five years before I started racing.

Who or what motivated you to pursue a career in cycling?

When I joined Team Auto Eder in my second year as an U19 and found a very professional environment there, I really wanted to go far and still want to do so today.

Greatest sporting successes

2019 5th place in the Einhausen National League,
2019: Bavarian Criterium Champion.

Do you have a personal racing ritual?

I always check extremely often whether my shoes are actually closed.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Ideally as a pro, otherwise at university.

Is there a tradition you live by?