Passion connects

Sometimes you need a place where you meet like-minded people. A place of belonging, where you feel at home, like in an extended living room. Where you actually just wanted to drop in for a quick coffee and then get stuck again – because there’s a lot of new things to talk about. Sometimes you need a place where you can talk shop, work on screws, have fun or philosophise about life. And sometimes it’s just about sharing a smile with someone.


This is exactly the kind of place we have created for ourselves and you in Holzkirchen: since summer 2019, we have been running the “Pushbikers Shop”, a showroom that is also a shop, café, workshop and office for the UCI Continental Team. Or as team boss Christian Grasmann says: a meeting place for all “bike nuts”.

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Maloja Pushbikers Shop I Rosenheimer Str. 27 I 83607 Holzkirchen

Telephone: 08024 – 7736

Winter opening hours: Wednesday, Thursday 14 – 18 h I Friday 9 – 12 and 14 – 18 h I Saturday 10 – 14 h

Photos | Michael Müller I Urs Golling