Karla Štěpánová

Team MTB

Karla Štěpánová

Home/Place of Residence: K břežanům 212, Lhota Dolní Břežany, 25241
Age: 31
Height: 1,71 m
Rider type: Endurance
Nickname: Karel
Previous teams: N1 Team

How did you get into cycling?

During my studies I was a big fan of running. I ran long distances in trail running. But after a serious knee injury, I couldn’t run anymore, so I started cycling. It was good rehabilitation, but it was also really great fun. So I started doing some races as well.

Biggest cycling successes

2-time Czech national champion in the XCO elite category.

What distinguishes you in cycling?

Perfection. I really love to train and improve.

What have you learned for life from competitive cycling?

To be patient and trust myself more.

Do you have a personal racing ritual?

No, I don’t. Because I think I never do anything the same twice.

Three words that describe you?

Happy, sometimes maybe a bit crazy and determined girl.