Team Road

Helmut Trettwer

Home: Berchtesgadener Land
Age: 37
Nickname: Helli
Rider type: Allrounder
Previous teams: Rudy Project Racing Team, WSA Greenlife, WSA Pushbikers

When did you get into cycling?

2008, after I turned my back on cross-country skiing and it had to convince me.

Greatest sporting successes

Probably winning the “Rund um die Nürnberger Altstadt” and good KOM results at the “Oberösterreich Rundfahrt”.

What have you learned from life for competitive sport?

Life is like a bike race, if it goes uphill, it goes downhill at some point.

What do you have the greatest respect for?

People who go their own way unflinchingly.

Where would you like to be in five years?

At King of the Lake in the team time trial together with Christian Grasmann and he suffers! 🙂

What makes you happy?

Having time for my family.