Team Road

Daniel Bichlmann

Home: Salzburg
Age: 32
Height: 1,83 m
Rider type: Helper
Previous teams: Team Bayer Landshut, Team Bike Aid

What are your goals for the season?

Riding for a regionally rooted team in 2021 is a new, nice fact for me. On a human level, I want to achieve international success as part of a powerful, motivated team and have a good time away from racing.
I feel very comfortable in the role of a domestique and don’t have to make my own mark – others can be in the limelight. But I know how to win bike races and as an experienced road captain I can pass on experiences (humorously) to the younger generation of racers.

Where do you prefer to ride your bike?

In summer I often train in the beautiful Berchtesgadener Land. In winter I just try to get through the training as free of snow and fog as possible – always following the sun, so to speak. When all the navigating doesn’t help any more, I like to escape to the south and enjoy the sun there.

What does cycling give you?

Cycling is the centre of my life. I love the freedom, the excitement, the speeds, the impressions, the possibilities, but also the feeling afterwards. I not only live the competitive sport, but also enjoy the lifestyle as a professional cyclist. In addition, I also use the bike as the number one means of transport.

Do you prefer to train alone or in a group?

100% in a group. The more the better! Cycling is a community.

Are there three general training or fitness tips you can pass on?

1/ Continuity is the most important thing – in the race as in training, it’s “keep at it”. 2 / Despite all the seriousness of the (cycling) sport, don’t lose the fun and the looseness. 3 / Take every chance, every day, every training session.

Three words that describe you

Loyal, humorvoll, eigensinnig