Pushbikers 2022- Benvenuto Filippo Fortin

22. November 2021

Team Road


Home: Pernumia / Venetien / Italy
Born: 1989
Height: 1,80 m


Instagram: pippofortin 

“It`s the feeling of success that motivates me”

Ciao Filippo,

 You were born in Venice and live in the area of Padova. We all admire Italy not only for its culture and great food, but also for its passion for cycling. How would you describe your own AMORE for cycling?

It started when my dad brought me home my first road bike. I was seven years old. From this moment  I never came down. I woke him up every Sunday morning to take me for a ride until he finally signed me up on a youth team that I’m still very close to now – the Scuola Ciclismo Vo`.

I also tried other teamwork sports (football, basketball…) but passion and amore for cycling grew more and more. I think it`s because as a cyclist you are responsible for your achievements and successes even more than in other team sports. For good and bad. And that is one of the things I appreciate most about cycling.

 We have known you for several years from racing. We remember your “battles” with Stefan Schäfer at the Red Hook Criterium. How did you perceive the Pushbikers?

My first experience with Red Hook was the last stage in Milan 2016, where Stefan won with the Maloja team. In 2017 and 2018, Schäfer was the rider I feared the most. I knew that if he gained a few metres, it would be hard to catch him again. Fortunately, both years I won the challenge 😉

And in 2014 I was lucky enough to meet Christian, who I already knew from his track career as a great Sixdays rider. During my first Sixdays in Copenhagen, we shared the locker room. It’s great to work closely with him now. I can’t wait to get going and have a lot of fun together.

Generally with the Pushbikers, I saw a very close team, inside and outside the race. A team that wants to emerge and grow, to leave a fingerprint and philosophy in this cycling business.

You are joining us for the next two years from Team Vorarlberg. In 2019 you rode for Cofidis in the World Tour, but also for the Pro Continental Team Bardiani-CSF as well as the teams Felbermayr-Simplon Wels and Tyrol KTM Cycling Team. When you look back on your career, what were the most intense moments – on a sporting, but also on a personal level?

 Probably the most intense moment was in Team Cofidis in 2019 when I got the chance to do all cobbles classics (Tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix in primis). An incredible experience – you can feel the cycling, the support of the Tifosi… I really felt like being “in cycling”.

For me personally, I see it as a success to be appreciated and respected by all the people I have worked with over the years.

How would you describe yourself as a rider?

I’m a sprinter, and as a sprinter I’m also a bit crazy :). I can say that I give 100 percent to reach my personal goals and for the team.

 What is crucial to you when choosing a team?

The crucial points are the feeling and atmosphere in the team at the first impact. What I felt when we met during the summer to discuss the future for me and the team. That`s where we get back to “amore”. But of course as a rider, important points are also the race calendar, team mates and staff, material and support.

How do you see your role within the Maloja Pushbikers?

I want to be a team leader, take on responsibility, raise young teammates, be a guide and model. Of course, I am aiming to bring victories and podiums for the Pushbikers.

What are your personal goals for the upcoming season 2022?

As a rider I want to beat the results of my so far best season. Another goal is simply to keep growing up with Maloja Pushbikers and to share our ideals as a team.

What would your advice be for any young talent who wants to become a professional cyclist nowadays?

To be humble and to always want to learn from those who have more experience to give. To act in a professional way and have no rush. But to be ready for the opportunities that will come.

Making a living from cycling, what have you learned and what has cycling offered to you?

I learned to bear responsibilities, to be a part of a team and work together for a common goal. This I can also use in normal life with relationships and for sure I will profit from the cycling experiences in the future for what is expected of me in a few years.

Apart from cycling, what are you really keen on?

I like to spend time with my family: my wife, my daughter, my dogs and my parents. And I also like listening to music (mostly dance and disco music), going to the mountains or walking in the hills of my region, watching films and series (I really like the series “Peaky Blinders” about the gang of the same name in 1920s and 30s England, for example).

And last but not least: If you weren’t a cyclist, what would you be?

I think I would be a sportsman in any case. Maybe a football player, a goalkeeper like my father. I just like the competition too much.

Quando si fa qualcosa con passione, si può solo vincere

We are looking forward to our new faces, the community, challenges and lots of cycling with heart and soul in the 2022 season.