Fuji SL Pushbikers Edition Frameset / der letzte Rahmen in 52cm

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Fuji SL Frameset Pushbikers Edition

Der original Rahmen der  Maloja Pushbikers – WSA Pushbikers – Maloja Pushbikers FEM –

Größen –  – 52 cm-

Sitz-/Ober-/Steuerrohr – 520 -560 – 155 mm –

Stack/Reach/STR  – 561 – 387 mm – 1,45

Geometrie –  findet Ihr hier

Das sagt das Tour Magazin
„Technisch herausragender Rahmen“
in diesem Test
Das sagt Bikeradar
„It’s aggressive, it’s fast and it just wants to be ridden like you stole it.“
Das Sagt Fuji zum SL
„Not only is the SL significantly lighter, it’s significantly stiffer: 9% stiffer in the head tube, 11% stiffer in the bottom bracket, and 18% stiffer in the fork (than our Altamira) for maximum efficiency and superior handling.

The SL was born out of the quest to create one of the lightest bikes in the world, a machine weight weenies dream of. When every gram matters, ingenuity follows: Through High Compaction molding and the reduction of bonded joints the SL delivers a frame weight of only 695g without compromising … on frame stiffness. The SL is in an elite class of superlight bicycles and is elevating Fuji road bikes to a higher level.“

High Compaction Molding
RIB Technology
Flattened Carbon Sections
Chain Watcher and Chainstay Protector

Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 6 kg
Größe 120 x 30 x 60 cm

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